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February 26, 2018


2/24週六一早,風景寫生課約在天母,我看著天氣有些細細雨有些些的擔心,氣象說會有的晴天並沒有出現,但看到約好的同學們都一一出現,拉著行李笑臉迎我,讓我一掃擔憂,管他的!衝吧!順利的示範寫生,換同學打稿時雨才漸漸大起來,無法畫,一行人浩浩蕩蕩轉陣至Posse Cafe~


我享受的參展作者們開心的笑容,結束時,拉著行李箱離開時背影!Thank you Everything Everyone!!


The opening of "Teacher-Student Exhibition" on Satudrday was wonderfully done, we had en plein air in the morning but rain a bit so we move to Posse Cafe , eating, painting, and opening the exhibition together. Thank you for coming and share your thought and time, I really appreciate ! Thank you !

















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