The world has prepared for you

就在2017接近結尾的那幾天,Posse Cafe的老闆傳來訊息說明年農曆年完有一檔期,問我要不要展,那個場地位在我成長快20年的地方,環境寬敞明亮,而剛好我的花卉課程進入尾聲,重心轉移到風景,也許之後不會再開長期的花卉課,而這個展出機會,讓我靈光一閃何不辦一場花卉師生聯展?像是做一個美好的closure~

就是這麼剛好,春節過後,暖暖的心暖暖的花卉,伴隨暖暖的朋友們聚聚,並且要謝謝長期跟我學花卉的同學們,我說,這個課要有無比的毅力,不摧的精神,因為一開始可能會很有挫折感喔!當然,她們都好好的到最後了!我想,這些安排,轉換,遇到的人,應該是在宇宙大霹靂時就決定好了吧。而一起展出的朋友們,也是最棒的! The world has prepared for you, 那, 你準備好了嗎?



展覽地點:posse cafe

Near the end of 2017, the owner of Posse Cafe messaged me an invitation of exhibition just right after Chinese New Year. At that time my flower class has almost finished and I began concentrating on landscape. I immediately had a thought why not having a Teacher- Student flower exhibition to make a beautiful closure of my flower class/peried? Yes, It just came to the right timing, right place- the cafe located in the district I have live and grown for almost 20 years. I have good feeling on it!

Also, I want to thank my students, they are all very tough and energetic, ambitious. I often say, my flower class is not easy, need strong determination. However, they survived and doing a great job! I happily believe all the arrangement, who you meet, transition,… are already decided by the Universe created. and , the World has prepared for you……., the thing is , Are you ready for that?

My sincere invite you to “The Whisper of Spring- Jialing Chen Teacher-Student exhibition”!

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