How I paint- flower


Happy New Year! Today I would like to share the process how I paint ballon flower using multiple layers wet on wet, hope you enjoy it!

原始的照片 the original picture


Wet the whole paper, using Burnt sienna+Ultramarine to draw the shadow of the flower. In this stage , we don't want hard edge, so we need to work fast, when paper going to dry, stop and let it dry totally.


Wet the partial flower you work on, paint light green to darker green wet on wet and add lavender on shadow sides of flower. we don't paint detail in this stage, only indicate the pedal instead. Let the paper dry to next stage.


Work on detail. This stage I think about edge, tone, and work on dry paper. Prepare a brush that with clean water to soft the edge whenever needed.


Paint the background, be aware of the shape and relationship between background and outline of flower, hard and soft edge. When the paper still moist, indicate leaf and stem . The last using creamy Cad yellow to point the stamens. The painting finished!

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