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Jialing Chen © 2016 , All Right Reserved.

ABOUT Jia Ling Chen 關於陳佳鈴

水彩畫家陳佳鈴。生於臺北,台灣。 幼年時住在新竹鄉間外婆家直到學齡時才回臺北。生長在一個藝術友善的家庭,從小佳鈴就自由的選擇學習書法,鋼琴,國畫,漫畫,這些養分滋養她的童年,求學時受到國中美術老師李美慧老師的鼓勵,選擇美術這條路。高中在明倫高級中學美術班,大學就讀臺東師範學院(現台東大學)美勞教育系,體驗台東的好山好水與在地文化。畢業後當過兩年小學教師,之後赴美攻讀舊金山州立大學工業設計系碩士,歸國後當上工業設計師。2010年陳佳鈴報名了水彩畫家謝明錩老師的水彩教室,她找到想要專注的事物-水彩藝術。




      2019 『台北街頭』台北華陽水彩寫生大獎 佳作 台北市藝文推        廣處

      2018 世界水彩華陽獎得獎畫家邀請展     國父紀念館文華軒

      2018  『水韻行旅-陳佳鈴水彩個展』台灣藝術教育館

      2018第二屆台灣銀行藝術祭-青年繪畫季 入選

  • 2018 『台南藝術博覽會』-郭木生美術中心

  • 2018 『綻堂再現 聯合展』郭木生美術中心

  • 2018 『春囈-花卉師生聯展』 Posse Cafe

  • 2017 參展福爾摩沙國際沙龍博覽會
    Exhibits at 2017 Art Formosa fair  

  • 2017 囈語-聯展  郭木生文教基金會

  • 2017 『雨中_三貂嶺』榮獲美國水彩雜誌Splash第19屆年度國際大賽得獎者 
    "In rain,Sandialing" Splash 19:Illusion of Light Competition winner(North Light Books, U.S.A.)

  • 2017 三亞沙灘藝術博覽會

        2017 Art Sanya Beach Fair

  • 2016 作品“臺北城”第八屆『世界水彩華陽獎』銅牌獎

       "Taipei City" Received 2016 Continental Watercolor Art Hwa-Yang             Award: Bronze Medal Award 


  • 2016 時光的詩-陳佳鈴水彩個展 綻堂文創中心

       Jialing Chen Watercolor Solo show- The Poetry of Time 2016,                    ArtBloom Gallery

  • 2015 作品“ 荒野之秋” 藝青人才培育-青年藝術家西畫類佳作 \螺陽文教\文化部主辦 

  • 1998台東縣文化局 尋找樂園聯展 

  • 1998 台東縣美術家水墨入選


*2018參加Keiko Tanabe Workshop in Tokyo

*2017 參加 Alvaro Castagnet Workshop in Taipei


   Watercolor Instructor of Cathay-cultural Org Library

  MA. of Industrial Design ,Sanfrancisco State University

  BA. of Art & Craft Education , Taitung University

  Art Program Class, MingLung Senior High School



Jialing Chen born in Taipei, Taiwan. She enjoyed her childhood grown up in countryside Hsinchu, her maternal grandmother’ home. When age 3, her freehand drawing of country rabbit was praised by her mother who was an elementary teacher. She thought to paint is a very natural thing, and her textbooks always full of graffiti inevitable. Luckily growing up in an art-friendly family, she enjoyed learning piano, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, caricature during childhood. Jialing was encouraged by her junior high school art teacher MeiHuei Li 李美慧 and naturally chose fine art of study later on. She earned a B.A. in Art and Craft Teaching (Taitung University, Taiwan) , then became an elementary teacher for two years which really was not her ambition. Since she has traveled extensively to American since teenager, enjoyed wondered museum and gallery herself. Later she went studied in San francisco and earn an M.A. in industrial design(SFSU, California).  Then she worked as a product designer for 5 years in Taipei, Taiwan, during that time, she can't avoid a voice inner herself that she want to be who she should be, regain the brush to paint.
In 2010, she took a short class  from Shieh Ming Chang 謝明錩, a renown watercolorist in Taiwan, she was fascinated by the unexpected and flow of watercolor. Mostly self-taught,  Jialing embarked on a professional art career in 2015 and started exhibiting publicly.

Jialing love the uncontrolled and flowness of watercolor media which full of experiment and spontaneously. She is good at catch the light and atmosphere of the scene. Her goal is to express the mood, poetry, ambience in her painting , not to copy the nature.

Now Jialing works as a full-time artist, giving course, exhibitions, and keeps saying words, seeking beauty, creating magic her way in watercolor art. With her husband's great support encouragement,  now live in Taipei with her two lovely daughters.